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The Actoria Group is the first European advice company for SME transfers, sales and takeovers, and is composed of a team of high-level professionals with technical training in finance, law and tax.  The team benefits from over 10 years of practical experience in sales, family transfers and business takeovers by employees.  It has more than six branches in Europe (Belgium, UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco and Luxembourg)

The firm:

  • Brings you a complete or ‘à la carte’ assistance, making sure of perfect confidentiality and fully carries out the objectives you assign to us.
  • Specialises in SMEs and SMIs, which have up to 500 employees.
  • Has carried out many successful operations.
  • As well as an engineer, financiers, lawyers and tax specialists are at your disposal.
  • Has all legal and financial guarantees and insurance, in accordance with regulations. Find out more...
  • Benefits from around fifteen institutional partners (Chambers of Commerce, Managerial organisations and professional federations, Business banks...)
  • Has a portfolio of 4500 permanent buyers in five European countries. Find out more...

Services for Sellers

If you intend to sell, transfer or research a partner, ACTORIA is there to help with a meticulous method at a reasonable price:

•  Preparation Find out more...
•  Researching Buyers Find out more...
•  First Talks Find out more...
•  Negotiations Find out more...
•  Legal and tax reports Find out more...

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About Actoria

Actoria was born of the following official report: “47% of heads of businesses say that they do not feel sufficiently informed about business transfers” (DAFSA study, 2000).  Actoria aims to provide support and advice for directors, who are too often isolated when faced with the question of business transfers Find out more...

Strengthened by an international network and many regional establishments, ACTORIA favours qualitative selection of cases in order to optimise the results of each case processed. Find out more...










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