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This step will allow the seller to get to know the theoretic range of value of the company and learn about the elements which influence this.  It will be possible, with our assistance, to make an action plan in order to improve these elements and directly increase the business’s value.

  The improvement plan

Business Plan

A business plan is a prediction of the company over several years .  It is an essential decision making aid for all buyers.  A good business plan explains the perspective sales and profitability to the buyer, the size of the firm, the treasury’s needs or surplus, the capacity to pay back holding acquisition loans, and obviously, the accuracy of the strategic option adopted.  A high performance plan will make the the mangement reflect and put necessary performance improving methods into action.  A good business plan will save precious time for both parties and will considerably shorten negotiation time.

Various Recommendations

As well as a business plan, we will make an inventory of points, which will have an impact on the business’s value.  They are notably items, which are not calculable such as the quality of the team or the guarantee of a supply source. 
The final stage before putting the business on the market is the second, more detailed, evaluation, which will have benefitted from all of the preparation.  It is also the moment to measure the progress achieved and to evaluate how effective our firm is.  Our payment is partially based on the result achieved.










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