Actoria United Kingdom has developed an innovative concept in the market for transmission and sale of businesses. It is indeed the only

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Actoria United Kingdom is not an "Intermediary" in the classical sense but a consulting company. Actoria represents the interests of executives wishing to assign or transfer

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If you are looking to raise funds for your company as part of its development, the Board proposes Actoria in charge of making detection

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Reasons to prepare

Preparation is essential for a lot of businesses in order to remove obstacles or to optimise the company’s value. Whatever the size of the company, a good representation will make an excellent return on your investment. The principal points to tackle in order to best prepare such an operation, are below.

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Detailed Evaluation

Are you hesitating to sell your business to a third party, to employees or to transfer it to a family member? To help you make your decision, ACTORIA has a special offer for you: detailed evaluation of the company. Using your last balance sheets and profit and loss accounts as a base,

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Presentation File

The presentation document, either complete or quick, is a document which determines the process of the sale. In fact, a seller who does not have this document will be severely handicapped in the sale of their business; the majority of firms mandated by buyers, investment funds and banks demand this document before meeting the seller or their advising firm.

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The Promise

The promise must summarise all of the sale elements.
The promise must be able to be used as a basis for a definitive sales contract.
It can take two forms:
– The unilateral sales promise (commitment of one of the parties)
– The bilateral or preliminary sales promise (reciprocal commitment of the parties)

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Preparing the Operation

In order to maximise the chances of success for a transfer and to sustain the company, particular attention must be paid to the preparation of the transfer. It must be carried out with help from a transfer professional such as ACTORIA.

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Transfer Terms

A donation for free allows you to pay less fees than you would for a transfer for value. The earlier this donation is made, the more interesting it is with regards to tax.

When we talk about a donation for free, it is necessary to take a certain number of possibilities into account, between which the director will have to arbitrate. In fact a free contract is not easy with regards to tax, and different taxes need to be paid. However, the tax burden can be more or less important

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Actoria International is a firm specializing in the transfer of business (company, SME, pmi ...) in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Quebec on sales of SMEs, sales industries, mergers and acquisitions advice for the transmission of a French company. If you're wondering "how to sell my business and quickly find a buyer" then contact Actoria international.

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