After the Sale

Despite the sale being completed and all costs paid by the buyer, everything is not yet finished.

In the majority of cases the seller must still be involved:

• The transition period

During this period, the seller will have to explain, and in certain cases justify, their decision to employees, executives, clients, suppliers and bankers.

In certain cases, the buyer will demand that some cases be settled (disputes, current commercial negotiations, renewal of contracts…)

• Monitoring guarantees

If a liability warranty has to be implemented by the buyer, the seller will have to defend their interests with help from their advisors.

• The monitoring of the additional cost clause

If the sale price has a clause with price supplement (sometimes called ‘earn out’) based on future events, the seller will need to defend their interests.

• Asset management

Once the price has been paid, it is necessary to manage the money.

As a matter of course, ACTORIA is at your disposition to help optimise this phase and to offer any expertise needed.

• The of another business

It is often difficult for the head of the company, who has devoted their lives to their business, to handle the loss in status.

It is imperative to prepare this new situation with new projects.

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