Optimising Assets

In the majority of cases, the potential buyer is looking first of all to be reassured; they will financially analyse your statements for the last three years, study existing statements and try to predict future statements…

This analysis will prove disadvantageous to you if you are not well prepared.
How can you create a good image for your company?

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Your organisation has been set up for a long time, employees know what they have to do and everything works well… For you, everything is working but for a manager who arrives at your business, your company can seem very complex or even confusing. Potential buyers will analyse your company’s ability to function without you and to adapt to changes in circumstances… It would be ideal for you to be ISO-9001 certified; this would demonstrate a level of organisation, which conforms to international standards with regards to organisational quality, which means satisfying your clients’ demands. The company must be able to work on a day to day basis, with the only remaining executives. Our experts, specialists in optimising procedures, could help you to increase the value of your company.

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Our experts help to improve your balance sheets in order to maximise equity by increasing reserves, incorporating current accounts and carrying out, if necessary, an increase in capital (by playing on the effects of the tax leverage effect…).
An important reduction of working capital requirement (stocks and accounts receivable) is always possible (factoring…)
Certain charges could be booked as fixed assets. Intangible assets could be created (brand, name…) and physical assets could be revalued…
Certain provisions are perhaps no longer justifiable! In addition, we are looking to optimise your net result in order to respond to the majority of buyers’ attempts.



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