Researching buyers

Actoria offers to actively research buyers on a European level and to help with candidate selection. We have a lot of experience in handling this stage with all respect for . Although the firm has 4500 buyers, it has international logictics, which enable us to identify a potential buyer for you within several weeks:

Branches in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Spain, Luxemburg.
Portfolio of more than 4500 permanent buyers in the United Kingdom, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Spain, Luxemburg.
Highly regarded for its expertise by more than thirty clubs, associations and professional networks, specialising in company transfers (CRA (National Association for busienss transfers), Clenam (Business Club for Arts and Employment), Buyers’ Clubs, former entrepreneurs…), who regroup potential buyers. As such, the firm can present your business to a further 3000 buyers.
Network of 80 partner firms (s and s, chartered accountants, lawyers, auditors, public notaries…) in Europe, the USA and Canada.
Partnerships with several international merchant banks (including CDC Ixis PCM – Palatine bank – Fortis) and investment funds.
Partnership with the majority of Chambers of Commerce in France and in the rest of Europe. Expert member of the European network “pass the baton”
Privileged relations with a growing number of federations, organisations and professional syndicates.

With more than 4500 permanent buyers, Actoria has one of the most important portfolios of buyers in Europe. It is composed of companies (30%), directors (60%) who wish to partially or completely take over a business and investment funds or venture capital societies (10%).

Actoria favours the direct approach to find buyers (companies growing externally, investment funds…) in particular by telephone and confidential courier.

The advantage of the formula is:

1) A targeted search depending on sectoral and geographical constraints.
2) The possibility to select potential buyers.
3) Save time
4) Perfect

The firm never passes on general information about businesses that are for sale. The results are completely worthless, buyers are not interested. In addition, this method of communication is very depreciating for your company, which will find itself with businesses, which are often refused by specialist firms because of their bad financial situation or the lack of focus in their management. Ask buyers if they will buy these reviews!

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Actoria International is a firm specializing in the transfer of business (company, SME, pmi ...) in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Quebec on sales of SMEs, sales industries, mergers and acquisitions advice for the transmission of a French company. If you're wondering "how to sell my business and quickly find a buyer" then contact Actoria international.

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