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ACTORIA has developed an innovative concept on the company sale and transfer market. It is in fact the only company on the small and medium size business market to have:
· a European network (offices in Belgium, UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco and Luxembourg) and
· Technical competences in finance, law, tax and industry within the company, allowing a complete service for and transactions.

The firm has financial advisors, paralegals, tax specialists as well as an engineer in five european countries who work together in order to carry out successful transactions in LBO, MBO, MBI, LMBO or OBO.
This guarantees success and saves our clients’ time (80% success rate in an average time of 11 months).
We offer a complete or à la carte assistance (help with certain stages of the operation such as evaluation or contractualisation), in agreement with strict specifications.
In addition, the firm offers all the legal and financial warranties which are essential for working towards your best interests.

The entire sale transaction to a third party or the transfer of your company to a family or staff member, is handled by the same firm.

This means Actoria is able to accompany and represent you throughout each step of the transaction (the evaluation, the search for potential buyers, the negotiation and the formalisation of the contract).

The firm’s multidisciplinary structure allows us to advise in the majority of business sectors: industry, services, IT, telecom, public buildings and works, transport, luxury goods, communications, advertising, trade.

Conscious of responding to the most diverse situations, ACTORIA can offer you an à la carte service.

If, hypothetically, you have found a potential buyer, Actoria can handle the other steps of the transaction: the negotiation, the evaluation, the audit…

In this respect, our firm can intervene on the financial valuation of your company or the preparation of the transaction.

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Actoria International is a firm specializing in the transfer of business (company, SME, pmi ...) in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Quebec on sales of SMEs, sales industries, mergers and acquisitions advice for the transmission of a French company. If you're wondering "how to sell my business and quickly find a buyer" then contact Actoria international.

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