Fees are often a taboo subject. A lack of clarity regarding fees is caused by the absence of an official scale.
This lack of clarity is the cause of misunderstandings.
Indeed, if the client does not have all of the billing elements, they often judge the firm’s fees too high.
Also, they often feel that they are financially contributing to certain aspects of the firm, which they are not even aware of.
This is why ACTORIA has chosen to be completely open about:

Billing methods

Billing principles

Billing Methods

You are offered a choice of two payment methods: billing for a single result or multiple results.

Because Actoria respects the regulations, our fees are deductible from the calculation of capital gain.

This type of billing, which allows the client to assign a simple and precise objective to the firm, is used for simple company sales operations, in particular, for cases where the director is retiring.

ACTORIA advises this method of calculation, when the client only asks for help with the search for buyers.

The application of this type of billing includes the detailed evaluation and the presentation file processes, as they are integrated parts of the process during the preparatory stage.

The principle of this method is to determine fees for each step of a specification established with the client.

ACTORIA favours this billing method in the following cases

– Family transfer
– Research of partners
– Intervention on certain stages of the process: evaluation, audit, negotiation, contractualisation
– Complex operations with uncertain objectives

Billing Principles

These ‘success fees’ are determined on the basis of the sale price of shares and according to decreasing percentages.

A scale of fees with 9 sections starting at 1% before tax of the value of the sale has been put in place with an important degression according to the value.

WHAT INTERESTS OUR CLIENTS with this type of billing is:

1) Research and negotiation fees are paid in full on signing the definitive sale act.

2) During the negotiation phase, it can be decided that the buyer be in charge of these fees

3) They are digressive

4) They are fixed and cover all of our research, selection of buyers, negotiation and travel expenses

5) They are tax deductible from the tax on capital gain that you will have to pay.

These ‘success feeS’ are determined on the basis of successive results following the specification previously put in place.

Rather than fees for the end result, the fees are calculated for the result of each step of the specification, which has been determined with the client.

WHAT INTERESTS OUR CLIENTS about this type of billing is:

1. The firm is committed to getting the best result for each step of the specification and not solely on the end result

2. The fees are less than those for a single result.

3. The fees are arranged step by step, which excludes any escalation of prices.

4. The client completely leads our intervention with regards to the specification, which they assign to us.

5. This system takes all specific cases (MBO, OBO, LMBO…) into account and is very flexible.

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