The Firm has a very specific approach for the company sales market:
– Where as the majority of operators favour quantity of cases in order to improve profits, ACTORIA favours qualitative selection of cases so that the results of each case handled are optimised.
– Actoria’s policy is one pertaining to a consultancy firm and not an intermediary. Clients choose us because they know for certain that we represent only their best interests.
– The firm has a multidisciplinary approach: all of the essential skills for the success of a business sale are brought together within our organisation.
– The firm has an international network: Actoria is number one in France on the SME market offering its clients a European network (Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg and France): a company sale may benefit from an international network.

Actoria has particular expertise with regards to SME and SMI transfer whose workforce can reach up to 500 people.
Actoria’s multidisciplinary structure, which composes of three departments (a financial department, a legal / tax department and a technical department), allows us to offer advice and support in all business sectors and for all types of question.
The quality of case is always preferred. As such, we do not take on a case if the business is structurally in deficit.

The firm has all necessary civil liability warranties and insurance in line with the profession’s legislation.
As such, Actoria benefits from an AMF agreement and certification administered by the police authorities as well as RCP insurance and financial warranties on transactions.
Professionally recognised by the Chamber of Advisors in Business and Industrial Transactions, by CLENAM, CRA and by the Buyers’ Institute, ACTORIA is in direct contact with the majority of Chambers of Commerce in Belgium, UK, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco and Luxembourg, retail and merchant banks, investment funds, lawyer notary and chartered accountant networks.

• Handles on average 500 cases every year;
• Records 150 cases on average per year in its portfolio with a maximum of three per month;
• Assigns on average 7 cases per broker
• Concludes on average 3 cases per month, around 30 each year;

The firm is part of the Actoria Group, whose European head office is in Switzerland, consists of many specialised entities:









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Actoria International is a firm specializing in the transfer of business (company, SME, pmi ...) in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Quebec on sales of SMEs, sales industries, mergers and acquisitions advice for the transmission of a French company. If you're wondering "how to sell my business and quickly find a buyer" then contact Actoria international.

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