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The presentation document, either complete or quick, is a document which determines the process of the sale. In fact, a seller who does not have this document will be severely handicapped in the sale of their business; the majority of firms mandated by buyers, investment funds and banks demand this document before meeting the seller or their advising firm.

Its writing is very specific and the operators expect a certain amount of formality.

This document reinforces communication on a European, or even global level. Modern technology allows us to convert it to a digital format and to send it quickly anywhere in the world

This document finally saves precious time and inparticular, avoids purely informative meetings.

This comprises of a 2-4 page document, which quickly presents the company being sold, in a manner, which will create interest from a potential buyer.

This document will be sent out to all potential buyers and does not contain any precise information, which would enable localisation of the target company.

However, it does contain sufficiently precise information on the size, activity, evolution and workforce which will straight away eliminate potential buyers whose search does not correspond to this description.

As the name indicates, the file must contain all of the elements, which allow the buyer to get a precise idea of the company being sold.

This very carefully written file can contain confidential information such as accounts or a list of shareholders. It is imperative that the potential buyer sign a non disclosure agreement before they can see the file.

In the majority of cases, this file can have up to 300 pages, containing the following elements:

– Introduction to the company’s environment
– History
– Introduction to the founders
– Introduction to the directors
– Introduction to the offices
– Precise description of the business
– The market
– The clientele
– Introduction to products or services
– Competition advantages
– Staff and organisation chart
– List of main assets
– The evolution of turnover and main clients
– The accounts for the last three years
– The budget for the current year, or even a business plan.
– A list and simplified CV of the main executives
– A list of shareholders and the legal organisation
– An account of the reasons for the sale and the planned scheme
– Appendices: commercial, legal and financial documents

ACTORIA is used to writing these documents and follows precise specifications in order to respond to professionals’, buyers’ and investors’ expectations.

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