Researching a Target Company

Research is an important stage of the process.

What are the possible lines?

and companies

Actoria has a database of 300 operators worldwide who can send their mandate at any moment.

• The indirect approach

– Financial investors

– Capital development or capital risk companies

– Chambers of commerce and economic development

– Regional economic promotion services

– Professional associations

– The business’s technical advisors

– Auditing companies and chartered accountants

– Lawyers and notaries

– Intermediaries specialising in company transfers. The advantage of this is practical experience in right from the first talks (competitors, clients…). In addition, they are themselves in contact with all operators, which will save time.

– Executives clubs

– Association of graduates from business schools


– Banks (subsidiaries of general banks, specialised merchant banks)

• The direct approach

– The target company or companies that you wish to directly approach.

– A partner, client or supplier who could be interested.

– A company looking to grow horizontally or vertically.

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