Sales Process

The firm offers a no-obligation first meeting: its aim is to allow you to speak freely about your project.

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[collapse title= »Preparation » active= »true »]

1. Asset report Find out more …
2. Business diagnosis Find out more …
3. Pre-evaluation Find out more …
4. Improvement plan Find out more …
5. Detailed evaluation Find out more …
6. Sales risks and insurance (litigation and accident insurance, and personal liability)
7. Presentation file (on paper and digital) Find out more …

NB : The presentation file is an ESSENTIAL element for the success of the operation:

• The sales market is national,or even European, therefore buyers and their advisers do not get involved unless there is a complete file.
• Because it favours a digital, and not only paper, format, it is possible to obtain a quick reaction from the market.
• You will avoid pointless visits from buyers and limit information leakage.

[collapse title= » Selection and research into buyers »]

1. Profile type of the buyer Find out more …
2. Level of confidentiality
3. Approach strategies : direct – indirect
4. Analysis of possibilities: MBO, MBI, LBO…
5. Preparing the response to buyers’ questions
6. Active research Find out more …

[collapse title= »The first talks »]

1. Non disclosure agreement Find out more …
2. Letter of intent: First legal document
3. Exclusivity of negotiations
4. Control of the professional capacity of buyers
5. Control of the financial capacity of buyers
6. Simulations sale/ takeover structure

[collapse title= »Negotiation »]

1. Help with the negotiation process Find out more …
2. Evaluation of the buyer’s interest
3. Control of the buyer’s business project
4. Determination of a definite price
5. Preparation of the negotiation process
6. Financial terms

[collapse title= »The promise »]

1. Operational and financial terms of the sale
2. Audit, precise definition of the audits Find out more …
3. Writing of the agreement in principle Find out more …
4. Negotiation of fulfilment conditions
5. Protection clauses
6. Control of financing

[collapse title= »Contractualisation »]

1. Control of the audit results
2. Legal and tax arrangement
3. Negotiation and drafting of the protocol Find out more …
4. Asset and liability warranty Find out more …
5. Payment security and conditions
6. Future collaboration with the buyer

[collapse title= »Consequences of the sale »]

1. Taxation: capital gains – solidarity tax on fortune
2. Price supplement Find out more …
3. Foresight
4. Transition into management Find out more …
5. Management of guarantees
6. Asset management Find out more …


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