Professional Ethics

ACTORIA strives to put the best interests of the client first.

As such we are obligated:

· To do have all necessary resources and procedures to ensure good practice

· To have adequate cover regarding Professional Civil Liability and Financial warranties in accordance with the law in order to practise business;

· To pass on all useful legal information to our clients, according to Actoria’s terms, comprising in at least the following elements:

1. Legal statuts of the advisor
2. The legal registration number
3. The nature and extent of the advisor’s Professional Civil Liability insurance.
4. The advisor’s financial warranty.
5. Administration elements concerning the company represented by the advisor
6. Advisors’ partners: companies or financial product suppliers and the legal connection between the two parties.

· To be informed of their clients’ situation, of their experience and their financial objectives according to ACTORIA’s own terms, by means of a document, which must:
Include as much information as possible concerning the civil status of the client and members of their household.
Include as much information as possible on assets, liabilities, financial flow and more generally the client’s asset and liability and financial elements.
Include as much information as possible on the legal factors of the client.
Include information concerning the client’s risk aversion and their financial competence
Define the client’s objectives, in order to be able to carry out the mission with the sole aim of achieving these objectives.
· To convey the development of the mission and the cost in an appropriate manner to the client according to ACTORIA’s terms. This information is conveyed in an mission letter which notably specifies:
– The nature of the task
– The length of the task or its development
– Our terms for conveying information to the client
– The advisor’s payment terms

· To pass on the conclusions, opinions and advice that result from the analysis of collected information, in keeping with Actoria’s terms outlined in a document, which commands that:
– The report is written
– The answers provided are detailed

· To be in line with all applicable legislation for business practice;

· To use terminology that is accessible to the client.

All of ACTORIA’S consultants carry out their work with competence, care and diligence, and in the client’s best interests. Therefore they are obligated to carry out continuous professional development to keep their skills up to date and to respect Actoria’s longstanding policies.
These policies state that consultants must complete annual training organised by ACTORIA and must have attended at least 20 hours of other courses in modules approved by Actoria’s training department.

All of Actoria’s consultants make sure that their employees and colleagues have the necessary skills for the mission they are working on.

All of Actoria’s consultants are aware that they are held to an obligation of means with regards to their client.

All of Actoria’s consultants commit to using all necessary means to successfully complete the assignment and efficiently carry out their work.

They must have:
· An appropriate working space in order to work effectively and guarantee discretion during client meetings;
· A secure storage area for all information.

All of Actoria’s consultants carry out their work independently.
In this context, they are obligated to work faithfully and fairly for the best interests of their client.
All of Actoria’s consultants must precisely detail each step of their advice process and justify their fees from the very first meeting.

All of Actoria’s consultants are obligated to respect and are forbidden to use any confidential information for any other purpose but the mission.
All employees commit to never contravening this rule, only doing so when requested to by a supervisory or justice authority.
Moreover, they are obliged to take necessary measures that avoid confidential information being circulated outside of the company.

All of Actoria’s employees and colleagues must develop Interprofessional relations which help complete their mission successfully.
All missions processed in the context of interprfessionalism must repect these rules.

All of Actoria’s consultants are obligated to remain informed of the rules and legal procedures in practice regarding the fight against money laundering and terrorism.
They must respect these rules and legal procedures and also declare any transaction or situation, where they suspect money laundering or financial terrorism to the AMF

All colleagues working for Actoria are obligated at all times to work with honesty and integrity.

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